Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Canada is a group of men and women who suffer from alcohol addiction. They share their experiences and stories with one another to find a solution to their common problem. Every member helps one another to recover from the issue of alcoholism.

If you too have a desire to stop drinking or if a loved one is suffering from addiction issues, Alcoholics Anonymous Canada state that they can effectively guide the drinker back on to the right track.

The main purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous Canada is to help recovered alcoholics to remain sober and guide new members to achieve sobriety. There are many meetings that take place in the Intergroup area. The Intergroup area includes Burnaby, North Vancouver, Port Moody, Richmond, Vancouver and others. Every week, regular meetings are held throughout the area. Did you know that over 200 meetings are held in Vancouver itself?


These meetings are held after regular intervals and last for about an hour. Most of them are held in the evening, although some of them are held at different timings throughout the day. Those who stay in the Intergroup area are lucky to be very near to the location of the meeting, they do not need to wait for long before attending a meeting in the area.

To get more information or to have a look at the schedule of regular meetings you can pay a visit to the Intergroup Office. The schedule is published twice a year and you can get your personal copy at the meeting or from the office.

There is an online directory as well, which is always updated with the most recent and latest information for your benefit. You can click here to visit the AA Vancouver website but come back here afterwards for more information on Alcoholism.

If you want to verify any kind of information regarding the meeting, you can contact the Intergroup office, the staff should be able to help appropriately.

Anyone can join the meeting held by the AA. But sometimes, there may be meetings that classify as “closed”. These meetings are only intended for AA members and people with a serious drinking habit. However, most meeting in and around the area are usually “open” meetings where anyone wishing to attend can do so.

Also, there are a few meetings that focus on one specific category like meetings strictly for women, men and the likes.

The size of the meetings may vary, while some consist of few people sitting around a table, others may be held in big meeting halls and can consist of about 200 people. While some meetings can focus on sharing experiences, others may focus on something different.

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Here below are some special meetings that have a specific focus:

  • Big book study: these meetings focus on reading the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”. The book is discussed in the meetings.
  • Step and tradition meetings: the twelve steps are studied in the meeting. The members discuss the steps and the ways to use the step to solve their problems.
  • Speaker meetings: speakers are invited to tell their stories and to inspire, also motivate the people struggling to stay on the right track
  • Beginner meetings: meetings held for the new members particularly focusing on their issues.

I have many years experience of Alcoholics Anonymous and suggest you get as much information as possible about these groups, before you or a loved one join. They do help especially in the early days, my issue is over the longer period.

Before you go any further click here for more information about AA.