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Alcoholics Anonymous Chat Rooms

Alcoholics Anonymous chat rooms provide online help to addiction recovery. There are numerous forums, membership programs and alcoholics anonymous chat rooms on the net.

Many prefer this treatment as it is more convenient and far less expensive than checking into a rehab. This also offers more privacy to the alcoholic, which is essential.

Alcoholics Anonymous was the original twelve-step recovery program. It was the model for many other recovery groups. AA provides additional programs that offer support to the family members and other close loved ones of the alcoholic.

In the 12-step program, they incorporate many meetings and mentorship to help you deal with your addiction. You can attend AA meeting online. Some sites also offer the feature of real-time meetings. The meetings take place using either some type of conferencing software, Internet Relay Chat servers or through chat programs. Several sites offer informal gatherings of members in an IRC chat room setting. You can also look up the twelve-step program to understand the treatment better, beforehand. You may also find email groups that may aid in your quest.

Alcoholism As Defined by Alcoholics Anonymous

There are many chat rooms where you can discuss your problems with other people facing similar issues. You can try entering the following into your search engine:

  • AA Lamps Chat Room
  • AA Recovery Clubhouse Chat Room
  • Meeting Chatroom
  • New Beginning AA Online Group
  • On The Wagon Chatroom
  • and many more

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No matter which treatment you go for, you need to be committed for it to provide you with the desired results. Do your homework and find out which alcoholic anonymous chat room suits your needs.

With so many options before you, making a choice can be daunting. Although this page is devoted to alcoholic anonymous chat rooms and other similar groups bear in mind what I’ve said on previous pages. Alcoholics anonymous and the 12 step program is not for everyone.

The problem of not allowing the individual to grow and develop, set goals and plans for the future, is a real handicap. This is why I created the Holistic Alcoholism Recovery Program which starts from helping the alcoholic to recognize the problem all the way through to planning and creating the positive future he or she (and you) deserves.

If you are going to use Alcoholics Anonymous chat rooms and it’s offline version have a role to play but don’t become dependant on AA or all you will have done is switch your addictions!