Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous speakers can be a good way for people to have a better understanding of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the experiences people have in the program. Many people in A.A. speak at non-Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to share their experiences, and give information about the program.

Speakers about Alcoholics Anonymous will often tailor their talks to the specific meeting and use their own personal experiences to illustrate their points, but most will follow a rough outline to give you an understanding of the program and what it does.

Because Alcoholics Anonymous has a policy of anonymity, speakers identify themselves by first name only and often read the statement from the Alcoholics Anonymous Guidelines giving the official policy and the reasons for it. The policy protects members of the program.

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Alcoholic Anonymous speakers will also take time to explain what exactly Alcoholics Anonymous is. They may read the Preamble. Speakers will explain the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and give information about the three types of meetings: open, closed, and public.

A personal recovery story is an important part of the experience in the program, so speakers may also share their story. This includes their past drinking pattern and experience and their lives before they sought help.

They’ll explain why they sought help for their drinking, as well as what they found in Alcoholics Anonymous that helped them. They will then compare their lives before Alcoholics Anonymous to their lives after seeking help to show what their lives are today.

Many talks will end with information given by Alcoholics Anonymous speakers about how to contact the program. They’ll give information about what Alcoholics Anonymous can and can’t do for people, as well as why knowledge about the program is important.

Many speakers will bring pamphlets to hand out to give additional information, or will explain where you can get pamphlets about Alcoholics Anonymous. These pamphlets can help answer questions about the program, and speakers will usually allow time for listeners to ask specific questions about the program.

Some questions people may have are questions about the specifics of Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition to asking about the history of the program, they may want to know how to join, how Alcoholics Anonymous is organized, or what happens at meetings.

Questions may also be about success rates, or Alcoholics Anonymous speakers may answer questions about what alcoholism is, or how a nonalcoholic can be a support to an alcoholic.

For those who aren’t able to listen to these kinds of talks themselves, talks are available on tape to listen to, or to play at meetings.

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You can also contact a local Alcoholics Anonymous group for information about obtaining speakers' tapes.

An Alternative To Alcoholics Anonymous Speakers

In the UK, as an alternative to the AA speaker, I often give talks on alcoholism, the dangers, signs and solutions.

I can deliver talks to schools, doctors, woman’s institutes, prisons etc.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page and fill in your requirements and I will be happy to discuss these with you.