Alcoholics Anonymous UK

Alcoholics Anonymous

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction and need help, then you can refer to Alcoholics Anonymous UK or AA, as they are better known. They are a self-help group who help people struggling with alcoholism to overcome their difficulties by themselves.

They focus on mutual support and helping each other overcome their addictions. If you feel that you might need help, then you should contact a local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous UK for details of meetings.

What Alcoholics Anonymous says about itself…

Alcoholic Anonymous UK does not believe in making judgments as to your character and will not look down on you in any way. It is a forum for people suffering from the same problems as you are which are in turn leading them to alcohol. AA member’s help each other cope with these problems and thus in turn reduce their dependence on alcohol as a solution.

For Whom Alcoholics Anonymous UK?

If you have at any point felt that you needed alcohol to help you through the day or night, or that you drink more than the amount you had wanted to, then you can consider yourself to be a person who is dependent on alcohol, and may be termed an alcoholic.

There are also another category of people who are considered alcoholics, namely the people who think consuming large quantities of alcohol is cool and can put away large quantities themselves.

The first step towards dealing with alcoholism is recognising that there is a genuine problem. You may then start looking for help out of your own accord or your family may seek help on your behalf.

Often, a lot of people are advised to seek help by their employers and courts and therefore approach Alcoholic Anonymous UK.

Alcoholism often rips apart the life of its victims and often people are forced to look for treatment. Many medical facilities will not admit patients of alcoholism unless they also go through a rehabilitation program.

However, the rehabilitation programs and the treatment will not work for alcoholics if they are not committed to staying sober. It is difficult to stop on one’s own and that is where AA comes in as a support group. They have a simple 12-step program that helps alcoholics deal with and get over their addiction.

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AA Meetings

In the UK, AA holds meetings in prisons and AA volunteers often work with people in the legal services to help people deal with alcoholism. AA meetings are also held all over the UK in churches and other private venues where people may gather.

Members are not forced to, but rather encouraged to talk about their lives and difficulties, as it is often difficult for new members to open up. They may also seek the help of a ‘sponsor’ or a ‘buddy’ who will introduce them to the group and help them to open up.

The only reason why organisations like AA have some success is that people work as a group to overcome common problems and reach a common goal of sobriety, irrespective of color, age, sex, and income. Anything that you share with your group is always kept a secret and therefore helps to solidify the bond between members.

To learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous UK which has helped to change the lives of thousands of people for the better, log on to or call up your local chapter. You can click here for details of UK meetings

My Advice………

I have included the above information because ultimately I want people to find sobriety. Whether this is achieved through AA, the Church, a treatment centre, or just about any method that helps get the individual sober – the goal has got to be to stop harmful drinking.

In the longer term however my opinion and experience tells me that for most people Alcoholics Anonymous is not enough. Have a look at my AA page where I explain this in more detail.