the importance of
understanding addiction

Addiction research is an important part of understanding addiction. If you have an addiction, it can help you better understand how to overcome it. If you have a friend or family member with an addiction, it can help you better understand what they’re going through, and how to help.


The simple symptoms of addiction can include:

  • obsession
  • compulsion
  • loss of control
  • continued use regardless of the consequences.


Addiction can also be characterized by the physical and emotional symptoms that can come when the person stops use, but these are not generally used in diagnosis.

Previously, addiction referred to the physical and psychological dependence on a substance. However, research has revealed that the psychological addiction carries more weight than the physical (this is especially true of alcoholism).


There are many types of addiction that your addiction research will reveal. Well known addictions include:

  • smoking
  • narcotics
  • alcohol
  • gambling
  • and food.

However, people can also become addicted to:

  • shopping
  • exercise
  • the Internet
  • television
  • caffeine
  • sex
  • and pornography.

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This program does not force unrealistic expectations upon the members. As a matter of fact, it encourages members to take things “one day at a time”. There are twelve steps that each member is encouraged to participate in. It is believed that if the alcoholic follows these steps, they will successfully recover from the illness that has burdened them, and the life that they live.

Addictions no longer refer only to substances, but can be activities, as well. The reason is that these activities create the same chemical reaction in the brain as substances, which give the person feelings of euphoria. The person then craves that substance or activity and participates in the activity or uses the substance to recreate the euphoric feelings.

Some people also use these substances or activities to escape or cope with their anxieties or problems, which leads to a dependence. Then they believe they can’t cope without that substance or activity, leading to addiction.

In a recent report it was revealed that stress often made people revert to their old habits. Stress therefore is not the only thing that should be avoided when trying to stay ‘clean’, however it is an important negative stimulus to avoid.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see their addictions as a bad thing because they associate the substance or activity with the feelings of euphoria they get instead of the negative effects of the addiction, such as loss of finances, difficulty maintaining relationships, and physical effects that occur with the addiction or withdrawal from it.

As more research is done into addiction, people gain a better understanding of what it is and how to treat it. Addiction is no longer simply drugs or alcohol, and people can get the help they need for a variety of addictions.

Addiction research is an important part of helping yourself, as well as helping friends and family members. By understanding addiction, you’ll have a better idea of what addiction is, and how addictions can be broken. Addiction should not be viewed as an indulgence but recognized as the disease it is.