Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol Overdose

There are many cases of alcohol overdose reported annually. If you consume alcohol, or know someone that does, it is important to learn as much as you possibly can on this particular topic. Alcohol, just like any other type of chemical based substance, can be extremely dangerous if it is consumed in an excessive manner. A large amount of tragedies associated with an overdose of this drug could be prevented if only more people knew and understood that there is a potential for death if too much alcohol is consumed at one time. This condition is also referred to as “alcohol poisoning”. In this guide we will examine the complications and dangers associated with an alcohol overdose.

Alcohol Poisoning Defined

When an individual experiences alcohol poisoning, it means that they have drank the substance faster than the liver can actually go through the process of metabolizing it. There is a phrase that refers to the amount of alcohol that is in the blood stream, and that is called “Blood Alcohol Concentration”.

If the liver is not processing the alcohol quickly enough in the body, then the substance topples over into the blood stream. Naturally, there are a number of components to consider when deciding whether or not an individual has, or will, suffer from the effects of alcohol overdose.

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These considerations include the following:

  • amount of alcohol that has been consumed within a particular time frame.
  • The overall body mass index, or weight, of a person who is drinking the substance.
  • Last, but not least, the overall rate in which metabolism occurs in the individual who drinks.

It has been determined that the person who suffers from this condition stands the chance of suffering from breathing complexities and even choking. This is a result of a loosening or slow response of the nerve in the body that is directly responsible in controlling the ability to breathe and the ability to have control over gagging.

alcohol poisoning symptoms

If you or someone that you know starts to exhibit these symptoms of alcohol overdose, it is important to seek medical attention immediately!

alcohol poisoning & education

As you can see there are many facts about alcohol poisoning listed here. If you drink heavily or if you know someone that else that does, it is really important to know that this could occur. You should also ensure that you know the symptoms associated with alcohol poisoning and/or overdose.

I have been asked to give talks to groups of school children from time to time on this subject as experimenting with alcohol can have tragic consequences. If even one of the children present at a ‘binge’ session was aware of the above symptoms of alcohol overdose then they could raise the alarm – potentially lives could be saved.