Ten Warning Signs
Of Alcoholism

It is important to become familiar with the ten warning signs of alcoholism whether you are an alcoholic, or know someone who suffers from the devastating effects of alcoholism.If you drink on a regular basis and you feel as if maybe you have reached a “point of no return”, admitted you have a problem and are ready to take action, this guide may assist you in confirming that you do indeed have a problem.

The great thing is if you discover this is the case there’s a lot of hope for you! If you are reading this as someone who knows an alcoholic then understand that there is hope for the person that suffers from a drinking problem. It is important to take note and become as familiar as possible with the ten warning signs of alcoholism, which include:

1. Do you or someone that you know drink alone?

2. In many cases of alcoholism, an individual may actually start coming up with excuses to consume alcohol. If they are caught drinking and someone says something about it, it’s not uncommon for them to come up with excuses as to “why” they are drinking. Do you find yourself feeling as if you have to do this? Have you noticed this behaviour in a loved one?

3. Many who consume a tad too much alcohol may find that when they wake up in the morning they have episodes where their body shakes and/or trembles. If you or someone you know is doing this it may be time to seek out some help.

4. The next of our ten warning signs of alcoholism is drinking secretly. Many call this the “closet alcoholic”, however that is often considered a demeaning description. If you drink and you feel the need to do it in a secretive way – or know someone that does – there is nothing to be ashamed of. This simply means that the problem is a little bigger than you or the person you know expected it to be and a little help is needed.

5. Many individuals who suffer from the effects of alcoholism actually get to the point where they need to drink just to live and function day to day. This is actually more of a physiological response than a psychological one due to the fact that the body has grown dependent on the substance. If this is one of the signs of alcoholism that you suffer from or your loved one suffers from it is definitely time to reach out for that help.

6. Many times when alcoholism has reached an extreme a person may start to neglect their personal hygiene and appearance.

7. There are many who know that their alcohol consumption is getting to be a little high. For these people many attempts may be made to stop drinking but to no avail. If you experience this don’t give up. There is hope out there. If someone you know experiences this encourage them and let them know there is help available.

8. When alcohol dependency is forming it is common to skip meals or sometimes just not have a desire to eat. This can really encourage many other problems to occur. If you suffer from this you may want to discuss it with your doctor. Proper nutrition and hydration is really important and they can help you get back on track. If you know someone doing this be sure to encourage a visit to a doctor.

9. There are many people who actually get quite defensive and even very angry when another person confronts them about drinking too much. This is a sign that can be spotted quickly and easily. If it is apparent, alcoholism may be evident.

10. Last of the ten warning signs of alcoholism is violence. Naturally, the violence is not intentional but encouraged by the alcohol. If you or someone that you know has reacted violently while drinking the alcohol may have the upper hand.

Of all the ten signs of alcoholism the last one is the one that worries me most. You see as far as I’m concerned there are no circumstances where violence can be tolerated. If you are on the receiving end then get out or get them out. If you are the one who becomes violent after drinking then get help before you ruin more than just your own life. This is one of the few times you will find me adopting the tough love approach.

If you suffer from one of the above ten warning signs of alcoholism or know someone that does, remember that there are many support groups and programs out there that can really help. Of course I’m bound to recommend my own Alcoholism Recovery Program because of the success people using it have achieved.

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