Info On Alcoholism


Info on Alcoholism can be obtained from many sources. Usually the information you receive will be based on statistics and medical jargon.

I decided some time ago that we need a little plain speaking when dealing with a condition like this that affects tens of thousands of families throughout the UK and indeed the world.

Please contact me if I can be of help with your own drinking concerns or if you are affected by someone else’s problem drinking.

“You” could of course be the wife, husband or parent of someone who is damaging themselves through their drinking. The

Another of the distinct disadvantages to the program is the concept behind “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”. Many find this disheartening because they work so hard to achieve recovery, and then, even when they have not had a drink in years, they are still referred to as an “alcoholic”.

Many individuals also have a hard time with the “religious” aspect of the fellowship program offered by this program.

Many members have an issue with the concept of a “relapse” being an important part of the recovery process. To some, it almost seems like “permission” to drink again, and to come back over and over again.

Last but not least, the success of Alcoholics Anonymous is difficult to assess for the reason that membership is of course anonymous. Many professionals believe however that the failure rate is very high when measured over a three year period. Without a full program of recovery in place outside of AA, a long term success rate of less than 5% is widely accepted as realistic (unless you ask AA members of course who will claim they are the only system that works!)

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AA is an effective program in the very early stages. We have heard success stories for years about individuals who were beaten down by alcoholism but then recovered and have gone on for years and years without a drink. The numbers for this sort of recovery using AA alone are small but they do exist.

As we can see there are a few “negative” aspects to the program. However if you are an alcoholic, or know an alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous may be a consideration in order to cope and overcome the obstacles that you, or your loved ones, face but keep your mind open to other solutions.

If you’re not ready to visit an AA meeting then there are some alcoholic anonymous chat rooms available on the net.