Support For Families Of Alcoholics

It is important to know about resources that offer support for families of alcoholics as alcoholism always affects the entire family. The family of an alcoholic is in constant turmoil. Each member tries to deal with this dysfunctional lifestyle the best way they can.

<b>Groups that offer support for families of alcoholics help them understand how alcoholism has affected them emotionally and psychologically. Alcoholism creates family dynamics that foster codependency. These family dynamics involve guilt, anger, shame and denial


It never ceases to amaze me how often the family of an alcoholic will close ranks and create excuses for the problem drinker. Often this is due to the stigma in society towards chemical addiction.
The wife of a friend of mine never admitted that her husband was dependant on alcohol and that his various ailments were as a result of his drinking. Even to this day 3 years after his death, due to general organ failure caused by years of alcohol abuse, she still tells people that her husband picked up a liver virus whilst abroad. Such is the strength of codependency and denial.

Families who enable the alcoholic to drink are codependents. Codependents are acting out of a lack of understanding, fear and misguided love. Families find adjusting to the life of an alcoholic is easier than dealing with conflicts. Codependency is therefore a hallmark characteristic of alcoholic families.

This codependent behavior allows alcoholics to continue their destructive behavior without restrictions or penalties. Codependents are unwitting victims of the alcohol. Groups that offer support for families of alcoholics will help you understand these behaviors.

Codependency occurs when excuses are made and drinking problems are minimized, ignored or denied. It is far easier to pretend that everything is normal instead of confronting the problem. This is unhealthy and enables the alcoholic to continue drinking. Codependent family members are unaware of the harmful effects their own behavior has on their mental and emotional development.

If the alcoholic refuses to listen to the family about intervention, many people go back to the pretense that everything is fine. Some family members believe that this situation is not their problem. Still other family members will overlook any behavior and will supply money and alcohol to the person with the drinking problem. All of these enabling actions are classic signs and symptoms of codependency.

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support groups

There are many groups that offer support for families of alcoholics. They can provide you with an understanding of how alcoholism has created codependent behaviors. Here you can find the answers that you need and start freeing yourself from the unending downward spiral of alcoholism. These are some organizations that can help you.

FA (Families Anonymous)

This is a support group for people affected by alcoholism within their own families. The alcoholic and family members can both attend these meetings. However it is geared for family members who have had to deal with alcoholic family members.

You will find details for USA & UK meetings


This is a support group for teenagers who are dealing with alcoholism in their families.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

This is an organization for those people who had one or more alcoholic parents. Whether it is a present or past situation, this group can help members understand how the situation affected their mental and emotional development.

You can also find support at safe shelters if you are fearful of the alcoholic or their behavior. If you and your family are in a dangerous situation you can find help through social workers, family welfare agencies and law enforcement personnel.

Your family doctor may well also be able to point you in the right direction. These situations are taken seriously and these places all offer support for families of alcoholics.