my story:
My struggle with Alcoholism

My struggle with Alcoholism

Alcoholism and denial, the two go hand in hand as you will know if excessive drinking, (your own or someone else’s) has touched your life.

Before I tell you a little about myself let me just say that denial is regarded by many as being one of the major blocks to recovery from addiction. Another is a lack of motivation to change. In most cases both are present.

my story

My name is Andy and alcohol addiction became a feature of my life from very early on.

Whether through learned behaviour or genetic predisposition (or both) I started my ‘alco-career’ as a binge drinker and went on to develop an alcohol dependency whilst I was still in my teenage years. During this time I was seemingly functioning normally most of the time.

By my 20th birthday I had become depressed and had started to turn a peculiar colour! I had also begun to lose my appetite. On visiting my doctor he ran some blood tests and diagnosed serious liver damage, he then had the audacity to suggest I had a drink problem!

Although I cursed this doctor for being daft enough to suggest I had to stop drinking – the seed had been planted in my mind that I did indeed have a problem.

I continued to drink and my health became progressively worse over the next few years. At 24 years of age I had what was described by several doctors as chronic alcoholism. (I had to see several doctors as I hoped I would find one who didn’t tell me to stop drinking – talk about denial!)

From my mid twenties for a period of five and a half years I was completely clean and sober, I was also completely miserable. I had dealt with my alcoholism at a superficial level.

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Being Happy in My Sobriety

I was successful in business both for national businesses and in the end my own business. From the age of 30 I had a stop start relationship with sobriety always failing to find the ‘secret’ that would allow me to stay more than just sober, I wanted to be happy in my sobriety too.

Alcoholics Anonymous didn’t suit me as their 12 step program doesn’t encourage or promote personal growth. The medical professions view of help dates back to the 1950’s. Unfortunately the success figures are frighteningly poor for both.

Well eventually I did find this ‘secret’ and I have been happier than at any other time in my life since putting down the drink on 13th January 2001.

Since then I have held positions from middle through to senior management for some well know international companies. My corporate experience helps me now when advising businesses on alcoholism and denial issues amongst their staff.

helping others

As I have made no secret of my past many people over the years have asked me to help loved ones, friends and employees to get sober. In response to this I created my successful recovery program which is used to help motivate the alcoholic to overcome denial and enter recovery.

This is the same system that I myself use today as an Alcoholism Recovery Coach.

I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Timeline therapies.

Since overcoming my addiction I have been in many situations where in the past I would have drank – not now however as I have found a system that works.

Anybody can recover from alcohol addiction – the key is desire and finding the right help.

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