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Treating Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is a serious disease

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and treating alcoholism should be taken just as seriously. Since each person is different, you should find the treatment that’s best for you. There are many different ways to treat alcoholism, and by having a better idea of what’s involved, you’ll have a better idea of what treatment is for you.


Detoxification is usually regarded as a first step in the treatment of alcoholism. I have a step before this however where I use NLP and hypnotherapy to install in the alcoholic a desire to change and a commitment to the program.

In this phase of treatment, you take medicines or herbal supplements to rid your body of all alcohol. The process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on how much alcohol is in your system.

It is important that detoxification is discussed with your doctor as he or she will be best placed to advise you on the best plan for a successful detox.

After the alcohol is purged, your care provider may also prescribe medication and vitamin supplements to help keep you from relapsing. The medications also help rebuild your immune system after the alcohol damage.

You could of course choose to detox ‘cold turkey’ e.g. without any medical help. I strongly advise you not to do this as although it is not commonly known, alcohol withdrawals can, in a small number of people, be fatal. The risk although small is still greater than withdrawing from heroin.
As stated above even if you don’t want to use medication to detox, go and talk to your doctor before you start.

Detoxification on it’s own is unlikely to be the full solution. All you will have dealt with at this stage is removing the physical dependence on alcohol.

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Treating alcoholism through counseling is the start of the process to address the many psychological issues that are usually present. Often, group or individual counseling is done in addition to detoxification or another treatment.

In counseling, you talk with a counselor (or with a counselor and a group of alcoholics in the case of group therapy) to understand the cause of your alcoholism and how to break the addiction.

Counseling is also referred to as “talk therapy”. By talking about the addiction, you can find support as you work to treat it.


Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), is another option. NLP is a powerful tool when used properly. If you can find a specialist practitioner he will help you identify the programs you currently run to produce the addicted behavior.

Your practitioner can then help you to “reprogram” yourself so that you respond to stress and other negative influences in a different way instead of reaching for the drink.

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It is said that for some, treating alcoholism can be done in the form of a vaccine. I personally do not believe a vaccine will relieve you of your alcoholism on it’s own.

Vaccines can play a part and are used in the same way medications and herbal supplements are in conjunction with counseling or detoxification.

Many of these treatments are used in conjunction with others because they work well together. Detoxification, for example, is beneficial to help the physical addiction, while counseling and NLP is helpful for the emotional and mental addiction. So for alcohol rehabilitation programs, different treatments are used as aspects of the program as a whole.

There is help for alcoholism. There are many options for treatments, many of which are used in conjunction with others. As you look for a way to break your addiction, be sure to find the treatment that works for you. If you aren’t comfortable with treating alcoholism in a certain way, then that method is less likely to be effective for you.

Fortunately, there are enough options for the treatment of alcoholism that you can find one that works best for you. And once you find a treatment that works for you, you’ll be well on your way to overcoming alcoholism and getting back to the life you want to live.

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