Alcohol Rehabilitation
Making Your Life
Meaningful Again

An alcohol rehabilitation center deals with the three affects of alcoholism – physical, mental, and psychological. Any good program should cover all three aspects.

Physically the alcoholic is completely dependent on alcohol. He cannot function without it. Therefore, the goal of rehabilitation is to break that dependency.

A period of detoxification will be necessary so that the body is cleansed and the cravings are diminished. This will probably involve prescription medication with careful monitoring. Some rehabilitation centers may take a natural or holistic approach to detoxifying the body.

Mentally, the alcoholic feels that no one cares about him so getting drunk is an escape for him. Extensive counseling – group, individual, and behavioral – will help deal with this mentality.

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. As a matter of fact, most centers will not even accept you if you are in complete denial about your problem. A person who truly doesn’t see the need for treatment will not respond to it.

Alcohol rehabilitation centers have to deal with the psychological ramifications of alcoholism. Usually an alcoholic truly believes that they think clearer when they are drunk.

Therefore, recognizing their problem and admitting it to others is extremely crucial for treatment. During therapy, an alcoholic will learn how to live without the need for a drink.

what is best for you

There are number of different programs available, so you have to find the one that works best for you. There are:

  • outpatient programs
  • half-day programs
  • intense in-patient facilities
  • short-term programs that last anywhere from 7-28 days. These are usually performed in an alcohol rehabilitation center.

If you have had the addiction for quite some time, you will probably need an intensive in-patient program to be able to get through the detoxification process.

Some things to consider when selecting the center right for you are the following:

  • Do they specialize in alcoholism treatment? Will they be able to handle the inevitable withdrawal symptoms that you will experience?
  • Are they located close enough for your family to visit and experience counseling with you? Or would you prefer to be isolated during your treatment? Do they offer family therapy?
  • Does the center use other activities to help you overcome your addiction? For example, some alcohol rehabilitation centers use physical activity, music, or art as therapy.
  • Does the center employ group and individual therapy, nutritional counseling, relapse prevention classes, and medication management classes?
  • Do you prefer treatment based on prescription medications or a more natural approach? Does the center offer both, or stick with one or the other?
  • Do they have an aftercare program that helps you integrate back into society normally?

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The goal of alcohol rehabilitation centers is to prepare the alcoholic to go back and live in the real world while overcoming his addiction. They want your life to be more meaningful than ever before.

This will involve reviving friendships, taking up hobbies, getting the right job, and allowing the emotional support of others to help you live a normal life. Alcohol rehabilitation is a group effort that starts with you.

I’m not offering links to any specific alcohol rehabilitation center at this time as I need to have a great deal of information on a center before I feel satisfied that a recommendation can safely be made. We have an on-going assessment program taking place as I write – as soon as we have the results I will post our recommendations here.

For now I suggest you use search engine enquiries for a center near you. Remember to ask the questions I have discussed above, good luck and I hope you find the right center for you.