For Alcohol Poisoning

When people drink alcohol to excess it can lead to alcohol poisoning. The treatment for alcohol poisoning is not a difficult one. Depending on the extent of poisoning it can be treated at home.

Often the biggest problem is not the medication or remedies but getting someone to the hospital in the first place. Individuals that do not want to go to the hospital because they are under age, do not want to be embarrassed or because of any other reason can often get help at home.

Treatment for alcohol poisoning is as simple as diluting or removing the concentrations of alcohol in the system.

First, determine if the person has alcohol poisoning or is simply very drunk. When a person has poisoning, they will begin to shiver, have shallow breathing, seizures and may vomit profusely or slip into an unconsciousness that they cannot be roused from. Of course, in case of the latter you will need to call the emergency services immediately.

Once you have made the determination, rouse the person and get them to drink as much water as possible. This will do two things: first, it will replenish the fluids lost to vomiting and second, will encourage frequent urination. This will aid the body in ridding itself of the alcohol.



  • Do not try to use common hangover remedies for alcohol poisoning. The two conditions are not the same and you may in fact cause more harm.
  • Do not leave the person in bed alone. Many times people at this level of intoxication will vomit in their stupor and then drown in it when they are unable to turn over and expel the vomit. It will run back into their lungs making it impossible for them to breathe.

In cases that require medical attention call 911 (999 in the UK), turn the person on their side and keep attempting to awaken them.

When the ambulance arrives, be sure the drivers are fully informed about the amount of alcohol consumed, the length of time the individual has been unconscious and if there was any combination of drugs used with the alcohol. Additional drugs can complicate the treatment of alcohol poisoning if hospital staff are not aware of it.

Once they get to the hospital, they will most likely have their stomach pumped and be given activated charcoal, syrup of ipecac, or narcan. Any one of these or combination thereof is a common treatment for alcohol poisoning.

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