Who is an

who is an alcoholic?

There’s not just one alcoholism test, but many different types of tests available today to help identify if someone suffers from alcoholism. I’ve always felt that a good question to start with is ‘is your drinking costing you more than money’?

This simple question if answered honestly is probably more likely to reveal a problem than a lot of the more detailed and more regularly used tests that I’ll go on to outline on this page.

what is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a problem throughout the world today. Alcohol consumption has been with us since man figured out how to ferment fruit, however today there are estimated to be 140 million alcoholics worldwide. The term is used loosely and the definition differs between the medical community and the public opinion.

The Journal of American Medical Association defines it this way:” a primary, chronic disease characterized by impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking.”

Famous is the so-called Michigan test. Here we will look at a few other possible alcoholism tests that you can take.

The first alcoholism test we will look at asks you to think about the following (base your answers on the past twelve months):

    • Where is your tolerance level for alcohol? Tolerance is the amount of alcohol you must ingest in order to become intoxicated. The amount of alcohol it takes will increase the longer you drink. The exception is that chronic long-term abuse will eventually lead to a reduction in tolerance due to liver damage.
    • Are you having withdrawal symptoms when you slow down or attempt to quit drinking? Withdrawal symptoms can be any or all of the following: tremors, nausea, anxiety or insomnia. Do you drink more alcohol to avoid these symptoms?
    • Have you ever drunk more alcohol than you have intended or over a longer period, such as a binge?
    • Have you wanted to quit drinking before and been unable to?
    • Do you spend a lot of time consumed with drinking issues, such as buying the alcohol, drinking alcohol or recovering from the affects of alcohol?
    • Have you given up an important event like a wedding or dinner party in order to drink?
  • Do you continue to drink even though you know it is having a negative impact on your life? Things like your health and personal relationships that are suffering.

Answering yes to two or more of the above questions could mean that you (or someone you know if your following this on their behalf) are suffering from alcoholism. The problems with tests like these are that they are dependant upon the truthfulness of the person answering the questions.

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Alcoholism Test – How Doctors Do It

Innovations in technology have made it possible for doctors to better diagnose alcoholism. The test is called the Early Detection of Alcohol Consumption. The test compares the algorithms of 20 blood chemistry levels against a database of over 1700 light to moderate drinkers. The test is reportedly twice as accurate as a liver enzyme test and has been proven to detect the heavy drinker 88% of the time.

Blood tests and liver enzyme tests are better than the average questionnaire because they are not dependent on the openness of the potential alcoholic.

There are many alcoholism tests available. Whichever method is used to detect or diagnose alcoholism it is important that the sufferer know that there are many treatment options available.

They should be encouraged to seek assistance since quitting on your own is quite difficult.

Organizations like Alcoholic Anonymous are a good place to start – I seldom recommend AA for more than the first 90 days however due to the problems associated with AA not promoting emotional growth and self development.

If you are uncomfortable with a group setting you should talk to your doctor, there are therapies that include drugs that diminish withdrawal symptoms. Do not try to go it alone.

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